ILG-001TH - iLIVING Thermostat and Humidistat Control

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Convert your ordinary fan to a high Tech fan with the iLiving ILG-001TH. It controls the temperature range of between 60F to 120F and humidity levels of between 30% to 90%. With the thermostat and humidistat control, the fan automatic turns on when room temperature or humidity reaches set values, in addition to having the ability to turn off when temperature/humidity gets below the set values. Helps to cool your house and save money on your cooling bills. Works with any iLiving shutter fans as Wells as the Attic fans. 120V, 10A.

  • Automatically turn your ventilator ON/OFF
  • Balances inside and outside temperatures
  • Allows for controllable temperature range 60-120F
  • Adjustable humidity range of 30 to 90 percent 
  • 120V, 10 Amps

 ILG-001TH User's Manual