ILG8PP130-VS - iLiving Variable Speed Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump, 1.3HP

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  • Adopt V/F mode controller to realize the speed control function; Optional touch key panel or physical key pane, simple design, simple operation, installation direction can be rotated.
  • Automatic mode and manual mode are optional. The factory default is automatic mode.
  • Factory setting of electric pump speed in automatic mode: speed 1:3000 rpm, speed 2:1400 rpm, speed 3: 2200 rpm, and the speed can be arbitrarily set between 450-3450 rpm through the speed gear key.
  • In the manual mode, the user can select the segment speed number to run and modify its speed.
  • The machine can be started and stopped by an external keyboard or RS485 communication (only one can be selected).
  • Efficient and energy-saving.

Working conditions

  • Medium temperature: 5-50C
  • Environmental temperature: <50C
  • Max. working pressure: 0.3MPa