ILG8AF8000 - iLIVING 3-Speed Air Filtration System Fan with Remote, Hanging or on Wheels Filter for Garage Air Cleaner, Shop Dust Collector, and Woodworking Station, 1025 CFM

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The air filtration unit does not require much assembly. You should take into consideration how and where you will place this unit. It can be mounted horizontally and vertically. This unit will work best if it is located away from corners, and has heating/cooling vents. If used on sawhorses the air filtration unit should be clamped in place. This unit is specifically designed to circulate and filter non-metallic dust, which is generated throughout the work area.


  • VERSATILE DUST COLLECTOR - The iLiving high-performance air filtration system can be ceiling hung with hooks and chains or portable on wheels. iLiving understands the importance of a space-saving and clutter-free workshop with the chain-hanging system. The dust filter system can also be jet around on wheels on set on a benchtop to clean the air where dust is being produced.

  • 2-STAGES FILTRATION - The two-stage filtration process removes a range of micron particles quickly and quietly. The outer filter removes the larger particles up to 5 microns, while the inner 3 pockets filter will trap the smaller particles up to 1 micron. The iLiving AF8000 will clean most of the dust and debris resulting in better air quality in the workspace.

  • POWERFUL AND DURABLE - The iLiving filtration system sports a totally enclosed motor with 1/3 HP. The ball-bearing motor with overload protection cranks the 10" blades wheel and creates a cyclone of suction extracting all the dust in the air. The anti-dust system is encapsulated with steel housing for maximum durability.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENT - The air purifying system is powered by single-phase 110 to 120 Vac, 60Hz, with a max power consumption of 265W. 3 adjustable speeds and built-in timers for all necessary operations. Low speed at 720 CFM with 55dB, Mid speed at 870 CFM with 60db, and Max speed at 1025 CFM and 70dB.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Local customer support to address all questions and concerns, 1-800-317-1688. The product is safety-certified UL/cUL Listed.



 User's Manual