iLiving Low Noise Turbo Fan, 3-Speed, Portable Air Circulator for Shop, Office, Greenhouse, Home and Warehouse

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  • High velocity, large volume of air movement, straight airflow 3 speeds

  • Ideal for home, office, basements, warehouse, greenhouse and garages

  • Heavy-Duty Power-coated steel Construction housing design, rugged stand, 180 rotational angle


The iLiving 3-speed turbo fan is a versatile and powerful cooling solution designed to provide efficient air circulation in various environments. Here's a detailed description:

Size and Design:
• The fan makes it suitable for both small and medium-sized rooms.
• Its sleek and compact design ensures it can fit well into different spaces without being obtrusive.

Speed Settings:
• Equipped with three speed settings (low, medium, and high), allowing users to adjust the airflow according to their preferences and needs.
• The turbo feature enhances the fan's performance, providing a stronger airflow even at lower speeds.

• This fan is engineered to deliver optimal air circulation, helping to cool down rooms quickly and efficiently.
• Suitable for use in various settings, including homes, offices, workshops, and more.
• Its adjustable 180 tilt allows users to direct airflow in specific directions for targeted cooling.



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