ILG8SFST - iLiving Exhaust Fan Thermospeed™ Controller

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iLIVING Thermospeed™ Controller, model# ILG8SFST, is an easy plug and play design to control your variable speed fan. the Thermospeed™ controller is designed with a precision temperature sensor that allows the fan to cycle ON and OFF automatically at your desired settings.  UL listed, 120V, 60Hz, 3A FLA, 18A LRA. Engineered and designed by iLIVING in California.


  • Easy plug and play Thermospeed™ controller, temperature and speed control
  • Auto cycle On/OFF at your desired temperature
  • NTC temperature sensor for precise temperature control
  • Solid state full-range speed control
  • UL listed, 120V, 60 Hz, 3A FLA, 18A LRA
  • Exclusively designed and intended for use on the iLIVING brand shutter fans
  • Support iLIVING variable speed Exhaust Fans from 7" up to 24" , and Gable Fan ILG8G14-22ST
  • Does Not Work for Single-Speed Fans





ILG8SFST User's Manual