ILG8RX18 - iLiving 18" Rechargeable Battery Operated Camping Floor Fan, High Velocity Portable Outdoor Fan with Metal Blade, With Built-in Lithium Battery for Whole Day Usage, 18 Inches, Military Green

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  • WIRELESS PORTABLE FAN - Go completely wireless with an iLiving rechargeable battery powered fan. Without the tethering of electric wiring, the iLiving fan can accompany your outdoor adventures. The fan is ideal for camping, going to the beach, picnics, outdoor gatherings, hiking, and job sites. The iLiving battery fan is not only a must have for outdoor activities, it is your best companion for your indoor living room and bedroom while you read or watching a show in the Summer evening.

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY AND LONG LASTING BATTERY - The iLiving portable fan comes with a built-in lithium-ion high performance battery pack, that will last through the whole day. The iLiving motor operates at a higher voltage than other battery fans, effectively using a lower current to maximize efficiency. The 22.2V battery with 2600mAH will last from 4 - 30 hours on a full charge.

  • DURABLE METAL CONSTRUCTION - The rechargeable portable industrial shroud fan is constructed will a full metal casing and metal fan guards. The metal fan blade enables the fan to deliver high air volume at a whisper quiet decibel. It's designed with a foldable stand that provides stability on any surface, and space saving on the go.

  • CONVENIENT DESIGN - The IPx4 indoor and outdoor rating makes it a must have on every occasion. We even designed a USB charging port for iPhone and Android mobile devices. The iLiving is not only a portable fan, it is also a portable power bank battery pack (USB cable for mobile devices is not included).

  • RESPONSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Local customer service to address all questions and concerns.

Welcome to the world of rechargeable battery-operated camping floor fans – meet the iLiving Rechargeable Battery Operated Camping Floor Fan, High Velocity Portable Outdoor Fan with Metal Blade. With a built-in lithium battery, this powerful 18-inch fan runs for up to 30 hours in one full session so you’re never left without airflow. This portable fan is perfect for taking along on all your outdoor adventures. Whether it’s a camping trip, hike, golf game or day at the beach, this fan will easily fit into a suitcase, backpack or any other traveling gear bag so you can stay comfortable no matter where you go. It’s also great for backyard parties and gazebo events. The iLiving portable outdoor fan can be used in many locations around your home or outside on the deck patio or lawn. With its USB charging port, this rechargeable battery operated floor fan is compatible with iPhone, Android, and all USB powered devices so you can find power wherever your travels take you. Get ready to enjoy powerful cooling air whether at home or while out exploring the great outdoors with your iLiving Rechargeable Battery Operated Camping Floor Fan!



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