ILG8MF72-430 - iLIVING 72 inches BLDC Mobile Fan, Built-in 0 - 300 RPM stepless speed control, 115Vac, 450W at Maximum Speed

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This iLiving 72” BLDC mobile fan is designed to move a large amount of air. This fan as a 6-blade aluminum propeller that is ideal for ventilating offices, factories, warehouses, loading docks, and auto shops. The iLiving mobile fan is engineered with 300 stepless speeds, that can tailor to various processes such as cooling pastries and reducing cure time for plastic molding, and printshop. Built to OSHA standards and safety certified by UL.


  • POWERFUL AIRFLOW - 6 Areo-engineered fan blades with a high-efficiency powerful EC motor can deliver airflow from a gentle breeze to a typhoon.  The iLiving 72 mobile fan air span can reach up to 1/3 of a football field (120 feet away).

  • EXTREMELY QUIET and EFFICIENT - The iLiving engineered airfoil combined with the permanent-magnet DC motor reduces unsteady flow and effectively cut down leading edge noise.  The iLiving mobile fan is very quiet throughout the full speed range, one can enjoy the comfortable breeze and carry on a conversation standing right next to the fan.

  • EASY TO MOVE and TILT - The iLiving 72 inches Mobile fan comes with 4 easy to assemble indoor/outdoor wheels. The fan can be easily pushed with one person through standard-size doors. The mobile is designed with an adjustable tilting frame, the airflow direction can be changed easily to fit different applications.

  • POWER EFFICIENT and VERSATILE - The iLiving Mobile can be powered using standard 110 - 120Vac with a max power consumption of 450 watts at the highest speed. With a wide range of adjustable speeds and powerful airflow, the iLiving Mobile fan is ideal for warehouse ventilation and baking facility cooling for products. The mobile is also perfect for garages, loading areas, fulfillment packaging areas, and so many more.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Local customer support to address all questions and concerns, 1-800-317-1688. The product is UL/cUL Listed.



Product Details :

- Width : 84 inches
- Blade Diameter : 72 inches
- Height : 80 inches
- Depth : 34 inches
- Tilt Adjustable Frame

- Length of Power Cord : 24 Feet



Tech Specification :

- Voltage : 110-125V AC
- Number of Speeds : 300 Speeds
- Motor HP : 2/3 HP, 5.5A
- Thermal Protection : Auto
- Noise Level Max Speed : 63 dBA
- Air Velocity @ 10 Ft. : 640 fpm
- Air Velocity @ 80 Ft. : 290 fpm
- Air Velocity @ 120 Ft. : 45 fpm
- High CFM : 43,000
- Indoor / Outdoor : Rated IPX5

*fpm = feet per min
*120 Ft = 1/3 of a football field


• Electric Bill : ~$0.07/hour to operate
• Coverage area : up to 5000 Sqft