ILG8M24-60DC - iLiving 24 Inches 7935 CFM Heavy Duty High Velocity Barrel Floor Drum Fan With DC Brushless Motor, Stepless Speed Adjustment for Workshop, Garage, Commercial or Industrial Environment, UL Safety Listed

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  • Brushless DC Motor - iLiving high velocity fan is equipped with an industrial fans heavy duty DC motor that allows stepless fan speed adjustment. The floor fan is designed to move large air volume at turbo fan speed or whisper quiet at low speed setting. Due to the wide range of speed adjustments, it's an ideal fans for home, garage, outdoor fan at covered patios, factory stations, and warehouses. Not built for outdoor without a cover.

  • Energy Efficient - Powerful air movement using half of the power compared to AC motor fans. The iLiving delivers 7935 CFM drawing only 135 watts. Standard 120V input, meets OSHA and UL507 standards, UL Safety listed. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Durable Construction - Full metal barrel construction with durable aluminum fan blade and rust-resistant grills. Thermal protected motor failed safe design. An extra long 6.5 ft power cable that can be neatly roll up on the speed control housing when storing the box fan away for the season.

  • Portable and Adjustable - Full 360 degrees tilt adjustability provides a wide range of air circulation. Glide wheels offer a smooth and effortless way for enhanced portability to move the fan with ease, making relocation hassle-free and convenient.

  • RESPONSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Local customer service to address all questions and concerns.

  • The product is UL/cUL Listed.



Our iLiving 24" 7935 CFM Heavy Duty High Velocity Barrel Floor Drum Fan is perfect for your workshop, garage, commercial, and industrial environments. This fan features a powerful DC Brushless motor which not only prevents you from having to buy replacement parts every few months, but also decreases energy bills. The stepless speed adjustment allows you to customize the fans power and direction to best suit the task at hand. An additional feature of this elite fan is its UL Safety Listed certification – it meets industry regulatory safety standards in order to promote safe operation in your workplace or home. With a large drum head that can move air up to 7935 cubic feet per minute and two manual angle adjustments, you are guaranteed an intense cooling breeze. The balanced metal blades coupled with the enclosed round steel guard provides maximum protection against debris and fingers caught in the blades. Additionally, our floor drum fan is made with a sturdy stand so that it won’t tip over even under strong conditions like high temperatures or gusts of wind while running long hours without breaking down or needing repairs! The construction of our iLiving 24 Inches Heavy Duty High Velocity Barrel Floor Drum Fan is aesthetically pleasing and promises to be the perfect addition for any workplace or home setting. With its combination of practicality, power, affordability and attractiveness all in one box, there’s no doubt why this fan has been one of the most popular on Amazon for fans looking for something that will last them years! Make sure you get yours today and enjoy those hot days when cool air can't reach otherwise!



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