iLiving One-Touch Walking Cane for Women, Men, Seniors – IntuiTrigger One-Hand Operation, Adjustable Height and Sturdy, Lightweight Frame for Comfort, For Mobility, Balance and Rehab, Multiple Colors

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  • ONE-HAND TRIGGER: Ergonomic IntuiTrigger actuates the smooth slide control, making it easy to raise and lower your walking cane with one hand and zero resistance. Get up and go with the squeeze of your forefinger.

  • ADJUSTABLE & PORTABLE: Customizable locking mechanism adjusts to a max height of 40” to fit women, men and seniors and collapses to 25” for convenient storage when not in use.

  • CLASSIC DERBY HANDLE: Easy-to-grip derby handle distributes weight evenly for greater stability and long-lasting comfort, even on long walks. The rounded hook end stays in place over an arm, strap or tabletop.

  • SHOCK-ABSORBING TIP: Non-skid rubber tip is tough yet flexible to create a secure, cushioned landing with every step while helping to protect hand and elbow joints from impact.

  • STRONG & STURDY: Lightweight walking cane is built to last with a highly durable aluminum frame and shaft for stable support, promoting a natural gait and upright posture.

The iLiving One-Touch Walking Cane is your freedom aide… your get-up-and-go support… your hurry along cane to help you sit, stand and walk comfortably and confidently! It provides the stability and balance you need to support mobility, independent living and post-surgery recovery. Customizable and ergonomically engineered, this walking cane for seniors and adults features our unique IntuiTrigger for effortless size adjustment and portability. One hand and a gentle squeeze is all you need to actuate the Smooth Slide Control and adjust the length from either a sitting or standing position. Barefoot or wearing shoes, get the right height every time with a Customizable Locking Mechanism that secures safely in place. The perfect walking cane for women, men and seniors, it extends up to 40 inches and collapses to a compact 25 inches for convenience and portability when shopping, running errands or dining out. No more tripping hazards! Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the iLiving One-Touch Walking Cane creates a comfortable walking experience every time. The timeless Derby Handle increases stability by distributing weight across the handle. And the Shock-Absorbing Tip features non-skid rubber that’s strong and flexible to cushion every step without adding strain to hand and elbow joints. For superior quality and durability, this lightweight walking cane is constructed with an aluminum frame and shaft, offering a high strength-to-weight ratio that supports up to 300 lbs. This increases strength, durability and comfort without adding bulk. The iLiving One-Touch Walking Cane is the right choice when convenience and portability are key.