ILG8FE12DS - iLiving Seasoned Modern Heirloom Mirror Polished Cast Iron Skillet Pan 12"

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Investing in the iLiving beautiful seasoned modern heirloom mirror polished cast iron skillet pan that you will cook with all the time. Discover this timeless elegance and superior performance gold/brown glass look, easy to clean mirror surface pan for years to come. Elevate your culinary experience. Ideal for passing down from generation to generation. Lifetime Warranty.


  • User-Friendly Preseasoned and ready to use, Elevate your culinary experience

  • Mirror smooth surface makes clean-up is effortless, wipes clean

  • Ideal for searing, Sauteing and pan-frying, use on any type of cooktop, oven broiler, campfire and including induction

  • Heat quickly, evenly and maintain constant temperature

  • Lifetime Warranty. Meticulously handcrafted for precision and durability