Dr Infrared Heater Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable Kit with WIFI Thermostat and Installation Monitor, App control

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Radiant floor made easy with Dr Heater Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable Kit. The order comes with a WiFi thermostat and installation monitor to ensure every installation is perfect. 

When’s the last time you walk into your beautiful tiled bathroom and wish the floor was nice and warm to your feet?  

Dr Heater electrical heating cables are easy to install. Simply line up the heat cables on the heat cable membrane and paste on the floor. It can be installed for tile floor, hardwood, and even carpet flooring. It is a perfect solution for large and small rooms. Electrical heating cables are more practical than hydronic floor systems because not everyone has the space for a dedicated mechanical room to house the hydraulic system.  

Kids spend most of their time on the floor, and what’s more comfortable than walking bare feet on a warm and cozy floor.  

Dr Heater Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable is safety certified by UL for the USA and Canada. Purchase with confidence on Dr. Heater’s 25 years manufacturer warranty.


  • DETAIL SPEC - Product is made with durable alloy. Cable length 33 ft; Coverage area: 10 square feet; Input: 120V; Power: 120W; 3.7W/ft; Fluoropolymer insulation for cable conductor and PVC for outer insulation.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - Digital temperature monitor. Adjustable temperature range 40ºF - 85ºF (5ºC - 30ºC).
  • APP CONTROL - Control the radiant heated floor using your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablets.
  • WIFI THERMOSTAT - Connect to your at home WiFi. Configure the desired temperature at the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Select the appropriate cable length, line up the heated cable into the Membrane. Next step is as easy as copying and pasting onto the floor. Can be used but not restricted with Schluter DITRA Membrane, Prodeso Membrane, or Warmup Membrane.


Contents Included : 

  • Radiant Floor Heating Cable
  • WiFi Thermostat
  • Installation Monitor (Tester)



Heat Cable - User's Manual


 DR-005 Installation Monitor - User's Manual