Dr. Infrared Heater DR-122 Portable BedBug Heater 2-Tier 18 Cubic Feet with Thermometer and Timer

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The DR-122 Bed Bug Toaster is a portable, chemical-free, high performance heating chamber with a quiet, multi-blade turbo fan that can exterminate existing and potential bed bugs. This powerful 18 cubic feet Toaster can reach 120F-155F in a few minutes from room temperature. It comes with a 2-tier steel rack shelf to help treat a variety of items more conveniently and safely without any hot spots or cool spots. The tent is constructed of heavy duty nylon with industrial grade zippers that ensure uses for many years to come. This energy efficient and well insulated Bed Bug Toaster is the ideal choice for heat treatment to kill bedbugs in all life stages.


  • High performance heating system that quickly reaches 120-155F in minutes and effectively kills bed bugs at all life stages
  • Huge treatment area of 38x38x26 inch
  • 2-tire steel rack system that easily fits a variety of items for heat treatment
  • Portable, rugged and collapsible tent allows easy storage after each use
  • Includes Thermometer/timer with alarm, kindly refer the user manual for troubleshooting steps.
  • Fan Forced Heater , Watts: 1500W, Item Weight: 24 lbs, Shipping Weight: 27 lbs

 DR-122 User's Manual