DR. Heater Roof Clips for De-Icing Snow Cables, Nail Free Installation for Securing Heat Wire and Heat Cable to Roofs, Black (10 PCS)

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The Dr. Heater roofing heated cable clips come in a pack of 10 pieces. The grab and bite design of our roofing clip provides a simple and effective way to install de-icing heated cables. The tool-less design does not require any nail or roofing tools to secure the clip and it can be easily re-positioned by lifting the edge of the shingle to slid out.


  • EASY INSTALLATION - No tools required, just clip onto the pitched roofing. Nail free installation without creating holes or voiding roofing warranties.

  • COMPATIBLE TO MOST ROOFING SYSTEM - Install the ice dam heat cable using the stress-free clips in seconds. The roof clip is compatible with most pitched roofing systems such as asphalt, wood, synthetic, and composite material.

  • EASY ADJUSTMENT - The roof cliffs can be removed and re-positioned quickly.

  • STRONG AND BUILT-TO-LAST - The roof clip is made with treated aluminum alloy, that's built to last under any weather condition.