Fujisan MK-9187 3D Robotic Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Function

Fujisan MK-9187 3D Robotic Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Function
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  • $3,899.00

·       This MK-9187 full body massage chair is the latest addition to the Fujisan massage chair family. The intelligent 3D massage arms moves up and down, stretches forwards and backwards, as well as to the side. The chair comes with numerous programs such as Comfort, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Demo Massage Experience, Waist Stretching, Outdoor Pressure and various other massage functions.

·       Manual Massage Selection: full body, partial, and fixed point massage.

·       Automatic Massage Selection: choose a pre-programmed massage program, which offers you a variety of massage methods with various movements and different speeds.

·       The chair comes with 6 massage techniques: shoulder grasping, kneading, tapping, shiatsu and tapping combination, and 3D massage.

·       5 level of speeds for your preference

·       Air Pressure Massage: Forearm massage via air pressure with 8 airbags, upper arm massage function with 4 airbags, the lower body massage with 4 airbags, the massage of the buttock with 16 airbags and the legs with 36 airbags. All airbag massage comes with 3 levels of intensity.

·       Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heating, highly recommended in the winter during those cold months, helps warming up your body, relaxing your muscle and stimulating metabolism.

·       Swaying function hugs your lower back and gently swings left to right in a gradual motion. This movement helps to readjust the spinal column and eliminate muscle stiffness.

·       Audio function with Build-in Speakers connects the chair to your smart phone. The chair comes with 2 built in speakers.

·       Space saving and Zero Gravity. You can place the chair close to the wall and only need a minimum of 2 inches from the wall. This specially designed chair slides forward without touching the back wall.

·       Negative Oxygen Ions can be activated with a button on the upper left arm. Once activated, the chair emits a steady stream of negative oxygen ions that help improving air quality in the room.

·       Free Delivery and Set Up

·       The chair comes with 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

·       Color: Beige

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