MK-9178B - iLIVING Ultimate 3D Shiatsu/Zero Gravity Massage Chair

MK-9178B - iLIVING Ultimate 3D Shiatsu/Zero Gravity Massage Chair
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  • Brand: iLIVING USA
  • Model Number: MK-9178B
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $3,800.00

iLIVING USA presents one of the most advanced and impressive massive chairs available on the market today: the iLIVING Ultimate 3D Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair. 

This unique and incredible massage chair offers a plethora of amazing functions:

  • Built-in Intelligent Body Type Detection technology that scans your body and matches the closest body type in the database.
  • 3D Mechanism System enables the massage arms to stretch 3 inches back and forth, simulating the push and release technique used by professional massage therapists.
  • The 2 powerful air bags embeded in the chair's back cushion offer an invigorating massage of your lumbar, stretching and kneading your lower back.
  • Patented reflexology technology with multiple airbags that firmly massage and stretch your calf, ankle, and foot.
  • Proprietary stretch function offers extension and flexion of the shoulders, mid-back, hips and legs.

-In addition to compression, kneading, rolling, and percussion massage functions, this massage chair has specific massage programs targeting the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and hips. 

-The chair features a built-in multi-function leg massager that offers a variety of custom massage programs for your feet, legs, and knees. 

-Arm covers on the massage chair offer a gentle and relaxing massage of the hands and forearms. 

-Zero gravity position. The massage chair's unique zero gravity feature gives the user a gentle floating sensation. The seat and backrest can be adjusted together while the leg-rest can be adjusted separately. 

-In addition to a standard back massage that many massage chairs offer, this all-in-one massage chair has functions massaging your arms, hands, feet, legs, waist, hips, back, knees, etc., giving the user a genuine full-body massage.

1 Year Limited Parts and Component Warranty

Item Weight: 240 lbs.


Length: 53.5 in.        Width: 31 in.         Height: 51 in.

Model Number: MK-9178B

UPC: 609613132322

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